By Jose A. Dominguez

FixSubZeros keeps clean and sanitizes in homes

FixSubZeros service technicians are very organized and clean when repairing appliances in homes. FixSubZeros specializes in high end, luxury homes and follows the CDC guidelines with social distancing, and wearing protective gear. All our repair personnel wear surgical gloves, wear face protection and masks when repairing in homes.

FixSubZeros technicians keep workplace clean

FixSubZeros takes great care when working within a customer’s home. It is crucial to follow the guidelines to protect ourselves, our customers and their families.

Although we are all living in through a tough time in this crisis, we all are aware that our home is even more our safe place and we intend to keep it that way. Even when working, our staff keep their work area neat, clean and sanitize the working environment.

Please be safe and healthy.

FixSubZeros technicians keep workplace organized